Track the Learning that Matters

Quickly enhance the usability of Oracle for Learners, Managers, and Administrators with pre-built extensions.



Rapid On-Boarding 

Enable learners to begin training on day one.  Add new users to your HCM system from anywhere, in real-time, using only a driver's license and mobile device.


SaaS Content Server


Hosted Content Server

Deliver the right content to the right Learners in the right format - painlessly, securely, and responsively, via a global content delivery network.




Learner Group Extender

Segment your Learners using advanced queries previously unavailable in OLM.  Quickly compile a list of all supervisors, regardless of job title, and build your Learner Groups on the fly.




Learning Path Subscriber

Automatically assign Learners to the appropriate curriculum based on Learner Group.  Optionally enroll Learners in available component Classes.




Experience Tracking

Track on-the-job training experiences as they happen.  Make it easy to enter and approve records from a computer or ruggedized mobile device.



Automatic Move to History

Reduce clutter by archiving completed training on a nightly basis.  Make it easy for Learners to access their active training activities.




Catalog Maintenance Engine

Take control of your training catalog and enforce the use of best-practices going forward.  Run on-demand system health checks and apply recommendations directly from Microsoft Excel.





Catalog Template Engine

Display your available training in a sexy, responsive web template that is accessible from anywhere, including SharePoint, Web Center, or Oracle.