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With associates across the United States, Canada, and Europe, Synergy Codeworks is among the vanguard of a new breed of global IT solution providers. We deliver quality, capability, and cost efficiency impossible for the lumbering, bureaucratic, and expensive legacy firms.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Focus on the projects that differentiate your business instead of worrying about your infrastructure. Scale up or down to meet your real-time demands reliably and securely with a cloud solution.

Systems Integration

Eliminate virtual boundaries that exist between your systems. Coordinate your technology solutions to support your business processes in a way that functions seamlessly for your employees, clients, and partners.

Security Consulting

Ensure your organization is using best-practice security practices, from implementing Single Sign On (SSO) across all systems to creating and enforcing a data security policy for your employees.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Identify, monitor, and manage the risks that can impact your company by coordinating your people, processes, and systems to avoid compliance issues and manage associated costs.

Enterprise Portals

Build centralized, secure, and personalized windows into multiple data sources using leading-edge web technologies. Tailor the information distributed using dynamic role based access control for your employees, partners, and clients.

Custom Development

Create dynamic systems to meet your specific business goals. From custom web applications to Internet of Things (IoT) integrations, Synergy Codeworks can help you achieve your vision.

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Synergy Codeworks is a new kind of infrastructure, bench strength, and consulting partner. Contact us to learn more about the value we can bring to your organization.

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